28 November 2009

there's hilarity in misery

...someone else's misery. Freeman Hall's to be precise, author of Retail Hell.

I started reading his book the other day, and can't put the thing down. Freeman writes about his time as a handbag salesperson at a department store dubbed 'The Big Fancy' - for anonymity I guess, though on the inside back cover it states he worked most notably for Nordstrom as a handbag manager/salesperson. Okay!

It usually takes me a while to get into a book, that's if I give it the time past the first page or so, but I keep plopping Audrey down so I can pick it up to read some more, it's so darn funny. And a bit frightening. Really makes me glad not to have ever worked in retail (though I have held a couple of jobs that might come close to rivaling it).

Freeman has a blog too. An hilarious little time-waster, if ever I read one.

The only downside to a book like this is, what if you realise the person he's referring to is you?


  1. hi, i always read your blog!
    i'm really quite tempted to get that book now, his blog is hilarious!

  2. I can definitely recommend this book. One dreadful/hilarious customer experience after another and before you know it you're closing the back cover wishing he had written another book already.


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