4 November 2009

sigh, another darling dress

You know, I never really used to understand the dizzy, giddy fuss women had over dresses, but little by little over the years they have become the item I most covet. Maybe it's the simplicity of one garment dressing the entire body, and how flowy and unrestricting many are.

I am busy sewing up a toile for my wedding dress using Oscar's (yip, we're on first name terms) dress as a starting point. Though I keep seeing details on other dresses so who knows, it may end up looking like a hybrid! A bit like a pound/shelter dog, but aren't those the best kinds?
One of the details I really love about the Oscar dress, and which perhaps go unnoticed, is the irregular shape of the armhole (square at the side back seam). You can see it below in my work-in-progress toile. It looked great on, when Carrie (SATC) wore the dress, sort of modernising the whole look.

I think I will stick with sewing one dress now. My dear wise Mother said the day goes fast enough, and you only get to wear your wedding dress once at it is. At least that cuts my work load by half...

Though the sigh I alluded to in the title of this post, is the wonderful dress designed specially for the Miss Dior Cherie 09 TV ad campaign.

And here it is, in all its fluid loveliness, in the TV ad campaign.

I think I will have to recreate this one too, for my own wardrobe (or maybe a cross between this and the OdlR one for my wedding). May as well aim high, right?! It's rather refreshing taking on a project that pushes your skill limits and makes you feel a bit uncomfortable at times. Almost reminds me of those nights spent swotting way too close to school exams.


  1. oh, they are both so lovely

  2. love the dress in the commercial!

  3. great work..the armhole is sexy even!

  4. i am so excited to see the finished dress...i know that it will be absolutly breathtaking!
    You have such a talent....but because it comes naturally to you, you probably don't even realize how talented you are...but YOU are! love the cantaloupe dress, love Carrie wearing it in SATC, love the arm hole, love & love....it will be beautiful!


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