16 November 2009

Places to go, things to chew...

That's Audrey's motto. Now 9 months of age, she..

  • has a whopping ten teeth (and still nursing...). I noticed a few days ago her first molars had appeared. I wonder if that explains unsettled sleep of late. And to think teething doesn't stop until their 20's!
  • does very impressive baby pushups
  • rocks on all fours when not doing pushups, threatening to crawl at any moment...
  • her answer to not being able to crawl yet is to roll everywhere and with impressive speed and direction

  • and of course, has an adoring, doting sister in Lucy

    Lucy puts great effort into replicating whatever it is Audrey does to garner so much attention. Lucy declares she is a 'big baby', probably because from where she sits Audrey's life looks pretty good and her younger sister gets far fewer tellings-off than she does. Poor little first-born Lucy. I now believe being a middle child (me) is underrated. By the time you come along the rules have relaxed considerably.
  • Are there any first or second (or last) borns who agree?


    1. Heya,

      Your girls are just devine and you are superbly clever. Its so great to read a down to earth Kiwi gal's blogs and I am planning a purchase soon as I just love your creativity... (I found you on Etsy). I especially love Lucy's glasses! How cool is she. Angie :-)

      PS: I was the last born, number 3 & the only girl - I had it sweeeet!

    2. So cute- as always! I am first-born and while we were growing up I noticed every. single. thing that my brother got to do "before I go to do it". I couldn't watch pg-13 movies until I was 12. Him? the same year when he was 9. And so on... Now we're in Uni, so obviously it doesn't really happen anymore (unless we're joking) since we're both "free" from parental restrictions.

    3. Haha. Those little pushups are so cute!! 10 teeth - amazing. We are only at 6 at 15 months. It's amazing how much they vary.

    4. I agree! I think the oldest child has it the hardest, the baby of the family has it the easiest. The oldest child has the most responsibility and subsequent children are given more and more leeway. I am the middle child - no complaints here!

    5. Audrey looks like she is doing plank position in yoga! What a strong girl.

      I was the oldest, and I do think it is the hardest. Now that I have three, I have been bending over backward to make my middle girl feel special. I don't want her to get lost in-between!

    6. i'm the youngest of two, and the girl, but everyone assumes i'm either the eldest or the only child.

      matthew is the middle of three boys and has the calmest disposition of anyone i've met.

      neither of us are close to our siblings, and yet i want another child whereas matthew doesn't. go figure!

      audrey is rocking those rolls. i bet she could roll as fast as leon crawls and cruises.

    7. Audrey is the cutest, and so strong!

      I'm the middle. I felt like my parents always made my sister and I compete for everything...I hated that and felt like we had a bad relationship because of it. My brother was the only boy and the youngest, so he had it made:)

    8. cute -- love the plank (pilates) moves Audrey does.

    9. Emily - heartbreaking! I'm sure they weren't intentionally doing that (making you compete).

      Yes, the plank positon of course! Audrey does it better than me.

      And funnily enough, Audrey started crawling the day after I wrote this post. Almost like a robot, very jerky and considered. Now, two days later, she is going twice the speed so I expect within a week she will be keeping up with Lucy. Oh joy.

    10. I agree with Angie! I am the youngest of 3 and the only girl. I STILL have it made! My husband is the oldest of many, and my best friend is the oldest, and we often talk about "the curse of the eldest child". We try not to be harder on our first than the middle (we have 3 boys, aged 8, 6.5, and 1), but we do remind him that he is looked to as the standard. We don't compare the 2 older ones, but the middle compares himself to the eldest. Family dynamics are always fascinating to me!

      Kimmie in Texas

    11. sometimes, i feel like I don't discipline my younger daughter enough. meanwhile my first born daughter had to live by my unbreakable rules! sorta makes me feel bad...

    12. i was the younger one, so my older bro def had it harder than me. out of my own two girls, my elder didn't get away with A THING when she was younger, meanwhile my 2nd gets considerably fewer time outs than my 1st daughter did at the same age.


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