25 November 2009

materialistic happiness

Three things made me happy today. I had forgotten the thrill of buying a pair of shoes, it's been so long (not counting Chucks). These will be perfect for Summer (and beyond), and having a slightly heavier heel means I'll still be able to chase Lucy in supermarkets. Gets me out of my daily outfit of Converse so that has to be a good thing. Also, the cardigan was my sisters until this morning. We have different body shapes, and she thought it didn't really suit her so threw it my way. She said I might have to take it in a little, but I love it just as it is. I'm also wearing a pair of Workshop brushed cotton skinny leg pants and my own stripe top. Very blue and grey today. Who would have thought only five years ago I was the colour queen?!

And my Aunt recently went to London, and was kind (or silly) enough to ask before she left if I wanted anything brought back. Um, yes, please bring me back this list of Liberty fabrics. So my poor dear Aunt reported she was driving down Old Brompton Road with her head stuck out the window of a black cab trying to find this shop she'd never visited before. Luckily it was near Harrods so there was something in it for her too. I absolutely love the two prints far left, especially together, and am making a singlet out of them very soon.


  1. Lady, I am so jealous of your skinniness..love the shoes too:)

  2. You look great! The shoes are awesome! My husband and I took a trip to London, before I got pregnant with our first daughter. We visited Harrods and I was in ah of the beautiful displays the put together.

  3. i love the print second to the left, such happy pretty colors!

    i used to be all about color, too, but somehow have retreated to grey, navy, and the occasional yellow or pink.

    those shoes are gorgeous, i'm in awe of your ability to chase little lucy in them. nothing like the thrill of buying new shoes!

  4. Hi Catherine,

    Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your posts and wanted to say thankyou to you for posting about these awesome shoes...I was spellbound and had to hunt them down here in Sydney and I now happily have a pair.I loooove them! Now that's materialistic happiness.

  5. Colete, how funny!

    Glad you found them and that you love them too. And thanks for stopping by :)


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