14 November 2009

Kids Cape-style Coat

Lucy is utterly chuffed with her new sunglasses (Frankie Ray's). They are technically a Christmas present destined for her stocking but she wore them for these photographs, modelling this new cape-style coat for the shop. Brendan balked (and choked and almost cried) at me paying $45 for a pair of kids sunglasses (I didn't think that was too bad for such a groovy design?), though I think they're worth it and she'll probably take better care of them if we treat them like they're special too.


  1. Lucy couldn't be any cooler. Adorable!!!

    Well done on the coat. perfect!

  2. i love it. would look really cute over her maeve dress too. you need to model something for lucy's place again soon so all 3 of you are on there. very sweet!


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