13 November 2009

handmade week

I've had a few days this week where I've been (almost) head to toe in handmade clothes. The skirt I have on here is the same as the denim one I made a month or two back. I find the shape just works really well for me (i.e. very easy to wear for many activities). Since my weight is a bit on the light side for the size skirt I made myself (I dropped to a horrid 46kgs thanks to a 24 hr bug last week) it will be interesting to see what it looks like when I've put the weight back on. I made this stripe top for my sister also (we both do love the stripes), and one can never have too many basics.

And Lucy is wearing a new dress I've dubbed 'Maeve', as if I were to have a girl today I would most likely call her Maeve (Brendan might have other thoughts though). My 'name' (though not sure at all why I seem to have one on standby) seems to change every few months, though I always seem to prefer one and two syllable names, something simple. Except for my short consideration of Valentina when I was pregnant with Lucy (before Karen Walker called her baby girl by this name), and a lovely customer's daughter named Emmeline.

the unfinished dress photographed the day before - the wind was working the circle skirt to full potential (and I think it looks much better worn on its own)


  1. Emmeline says thank you!

    I too, will think of names. Or I think back to some of the names we considered and think "really? I would have called my child that?" I think Maeve is a gorgeous name, maybe next time?!?!

    Love the stripes, and that dress is just perfect.


  2. sorry to hear you were sick catherine. you look smashing as always though, like a model :)
    the maeve dress is great, i love it. would be so pretty in velvet too..

  3. Maeve was high on my list this last pregnancy, but my husband vetoed it. We ended up with Margot, which I love, but I still like Maeve.

  4. lovely little dress!
    maeve was in our top 5 if alden turned out to be a girl. love it.

  5. lucy looks adorable in her dress for all seasons!

    i was going to say last week that i'm 2 inches shorter than you and a good 20lbs heavier. you are really a wisp of a thing right now! i'm sorry to hear that you've been ill. i agree, the lean do not have much to fall back on when sickness strikes. maybe my mom can send you some of her super-food protein powder shakes. they apparently are doing a terrific job of keeping me heavier than i've ever been.


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