23 November 2009


comes in the form of many things. For me it is waking this morning and realising Audrey slept through the night...for the VERY first time!

Maybe it was all those long talks with her, telling her to feel free to sleep right through, and that Mama might throw herself under a bus if she didn't consider it soon. But really, I think it has something to do with the new routine I put her on some two weeks ago. Whatever did the trick, I am ecstatic.

For the first time in a long time, I feel chirpy on rising and I didn't even yell at Lucy down the hall to not call out for me incessantly before 6am. I think Lucy will quickly come to love this new routine too!

Update: A little bit of a sigh here. Audrey woke the following two nights at 2am for milk (I wasn't that delusional that I thought she would sleep through continuously (just quietly praying)). The first night I tried to settle her without feeding (and she point blank refused to take water from a bottle, always has) but after an hour of being in and out of bed I fed the naughty little thing. Last night, I gave her a minimal feed. She is, however, settling quickly now at bedtime. Baby steps I guess. I will get her sleeping through by Christmas if it kills me! I don't want to be traipsing about the house at my mothers at 2am when I go down home in a few weeks. At least I know she can do it now. Are you listening, Audrey??


  1. that's terrific news. here's hoping she sticks with it from now on!

  2. Sweet!!! I hope it keeps going for you.

  3. I'm ecstatic for you, sleep is a wonderful wonderful thing - you don't quite realise just how wonderful until you have children.

  4. I remember the first time Elisha did that, I felt SO rested, and was so incredibly happy for the full 8 hours of continuous sleep in about a year or so.

    And I would have to agree wholehearted with hanna!

  5. sleep is heavenly..suddenly you feel sane!

  6. Hoorah~ that's great news, I too have been loosely trialling your routine, and have been waking up to Leo at 6am after a full nights sleep. I am also feeling wonderfully rested for the first time in around 9 months. Thanks for posting a routine I could print out and trial.

    Sleep well.


  7. hang in there catherine..some of us just can't sleep period!


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