22 November 2009

Christmas Closing

My shop is now closing for the year this Tuesday 24th November EST / Wednesday 25th November GMT.

Lucy chose the prettiest piece of the palest pink pure silk waiting to be sewn into a dress (she really is a girly girl, who would have thought?!). I have found a vintage pattern (I rarely sew from bought patterns as I just understand my own ones better, plus drafting your own gives you more freedom) but this is such a cute dress and quite possibly full and girly enough for Lucy. I'm thinking the red or the blue style (though it's almost a case of 'spot the difference').

Notice the name of this pattern? The 7 day wardrobe. Too much!

So this is why I want to close my shop sooner rather than later - to sew Lucy's Christmas party dress (among other things). Hopefully it all turns out okay (this silk is as slippery as a slippery thing), and is worthy of a blog post.


  1. Love the pose ... one hand in a pocket, the other holding a poodle!

  2. Oh I love it too, 'the 7day wardrobe', classic... I can't wait to see Lucy in her girly girl dress, happy sewing :-)

  3. looks like a potential flower girl dress too! i love these old illustrations for the kid's patterns..
    thanks for reminding me catherine that a break is as (seemingly) easy as closing the shop. plan on doing so next month.

  4. Ha, I didn't notice the poodle! I did however notice the beehive/audrey-hepburn-esque hairdo on the child in the red dress though. Like that's real life.

    Ursula - it IS surprisingly difficult to close one's shop. My fiance (funny to call him that now) has been urging me to for weeks! I just want to enjoy the time now (after orders are finished, still a little way to go at the rate I am sewing). You seem very busy, how are you handling it all? I hope you're not doing the minimal sleep thing like I used to do.. ;)

  5. that is the perfect dress :)

  6. cute! I love the pockets on the red.


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