21 November 2009

Audrey: On crawling, routines

The day after my post on Audrey’s crawling progress, she started crawling – go Audrey! It was all very staccato at first, but day by day she gets quicker with more fluid movements.

Currently, her crawl goes something like this:

Short robotic crawl, bunny hop (both knees together), roll, short robotic crawl, yoga plank position, into the downward dog, roll, and then back to the robotic crawl.

It’s as complex as a Michael Jackson dance routine.

Despite the above description, Audrey crawls conventionally whereas Lucy crawled with one leg sticking out the side. Always the same leg, with the other leg moving under the body in a circular movement. Oh boy, the looks and comments we got from strangers when we were out. One woman jumped on me in a cafĂ© saying that because of the manner in which Lucy crawled she would be dyslexic, and how I should go and see a specialist to have her crawling properly. I restrained myself, offering a weak smile, but inside was thinking ‘f-off!’. And another time a man at a local beach just stopped and laughed, saying he wish he had his video to record it! Oh my goodness, we’re not the circus, people! I got a little reminder of Lucy’s crawl the other day when dressing Audrey in a pair of Lucy’s cast-off baby pants, noticing only one knee was worn.

As for Audrey’s new feed/sleep routine, everything is so much better. She had one night where she woke frequently but two prior meals of mine consisted of the magical fruit - beans. As it turns out, beans + Audrey = nightmarish sleep, and now I steer well clear of them. Also, I’ve been so determined to have her drinking good milk feeds that I overlooked the fact that as babies get older they drink less milk and eat more solid foods. Theoretically, the more solid foods she eats the more likely she is to sleep longer stretches at night. So starting today, I have adjusted her routine once again. Honestly, one almost needs a degree to be a mother. Lucy slept through the night from 10 weeks, so even though Audrey is my second child, it’s almost as if I am learning the sleep/feed routine the first time.

Okay, that is most certainly enough baby waffle for one day...


  1. leon crawls exactly the same way as lucy did, one foot out. i chalk it up to him being in a hurry to start walking.

    at this point leon eat almost 3 jars of baby food (stage 2) a day. maybe this isn't enough?

    today he had a lot of milk and not so much food. maybe it's because he doesn't like the lentils i offered. i swear, this is harder than teaching or writing a dissertation!

  2. Lol! Devon crawled with one leg sticking out on the side too!

  3. I actually never crawled as a child...just scooted about on my bum and then walked at 16 months. My mum used to get SO many random comments on how I would have learning disabilities and be uncoordinated etc etc, but I turned out just fine ;) My little girl is almost one and does not sleep through....wakes once or twice with little fuss, but people still comment that 'there must be something wrong'. People need to learn that all babies are different.


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