30 November 2009

The Art of Crawling

Audrey crawls. And she does so at impressive speed. She disappears quickly, and is often found fossicking around in my wardrobe, Lucy's drawers, or rifling through my makeup. Since she started crawling about a week or two ago, her speed seems to shift into a new gear every day. She is a seasoned crawler now. She crawls over large objects, and even attempted to wade through a bean bag yesterday ('fail'). I am fascinated by her enthusiasm for crawling and exploring and could quite possibly follow her all day. As she descends from my arms to the floor her knees are already shuffling back and forth before she touches down, impatient to get cracking on another adventure. And Lucy is busy being the bossy older sister (nothing personal, Fiona) often heard shrieking 'Augie, don't touch that! Stop!! MUM!!!'. It's all very dramatic.

Brendan thinks we have our work cut out for us with Audrey. Lucy never really touched things she shouldn't have as a baby, however I have to agree Audrey looks set to really test our parenting nous.

And we are now on the eve of the 1st of December! I'm so excited, as excited as Lucy (maybe even more, just quietly). An advent calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree is waiting patiently by her bed, and tomorrow she gets to open branch no. 1. And we are also putting up our tree tomorrow. Lucy is busy learning Jingle Bells, though her version goes something like this:

gingle bells, gingle bells (hard G)
Oh what fun...ride
one forse open sleigh

Tis very cute. When I try to join in, she shoots me a look of disbelief and annoyance by way of a screwed up face, telling me she wants to do it by herself. Okay, it's your Christmas.


  1. sounds like leon has a kindred spirit in audrey! he's banging a metal spoon against my chair leg right now, but just a second ago he was by the couch. you blink and they're gone.

    how cute that lucy calls audrey 'augie.' i wanted to name leon 'august' just so i could use that nickname. but i like lucy's use of it best!

  2. Go Audrey! Next she'll be walking! Emmeline started to stand and push a wooden dolls pram around when she was 9mth and now she's walking by herself (she'll be one next week) - albeit like an old drunk, but it's keeping me amused and her in fits of laughter. It's amazing how much they grow and change in the first year or so . . . it's really hard to believe that they are same little person that was handed to you in hospital.

  3. Erica - I love all the Augie/Aude/August names too. And as for crawling, somehow I think Audrey would be left in Leon's wake!

    Melissa - I must try Lucy's wooden push cart. Audrey is pulling herself up but don't think she'd be capable of what Emmeline was doing at the same age. She's definitely adventurous though, so who knows.

    And yip, I surprised myself the other by bringing up Audrey's 1st birthday. Far out, almost one year gone!

  4. hi catherine,
    how did you manage to hand the tiny love mobile over that chair? Teach me! I have one exactly the same as yours, but I only know how to hang it over my son's cot...

  5. David, the yellow piece that normally sits on the cot rails, sits on the top of the chair, and this particular chair also has framing beneath the seat which is where that big flowery thing screws up against. If you'd like me to take a photo of it side on to show you better I'm more than happy to, just email me. Certain chairs could do this. I try to keep the exciting, wake-inducing gadgets out of Audrey's bed!

  6. i just ordered this: http://www.novanatural.com/baby/toddler/walkers-wagon

    it looks super sturdy and will be a beautiful toy for years to come. ikea has a much cheaper one, but i wanted to support this small maine company.

    who knows, maybe audrey will figure out walking once the opportunity/pushcart presents itself?

    leon didn't have any interest in crawling until he saw another baby doing it. i guess it inspired him.


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