19 July 2009

cycling with style

A blog about cycling wouldn't usually spin my wheels, but this one I came across today, all about cycling with style, is actually rather fun. You'll find out about successful biking skirts, biking with a belly (pregnancy on wheels!), bikes with names and meditative cycling. I actually thought of Erica when I came across it, recalling her fondness for biking.

Would you admit to naming any equipment you own? I guess I could call my sewing machine 'Nina'. Has a nice ring to it (albeit totally unoriginal considering its maker).


  1. cute site! alas, i've yet to get back on my bike since being 6 months pregnant. right now it's trapped on the back deck, which i can't access because the entire deck is 'structurally unsound' and therefore padlocked.

    i wish i had chosen a step-through frame for my hand built bicycle. that's probably why i have such a hard time finding skirts to wear while cycling!

    i'm nervous but hopeful that i'll be able to safely ride with Leon once he's old enough. the drivers are crazy here!

  2. What a great pic. I have to admit to only getting back on my bike twice since I had Chloe. I do miss it but it just doesn't seem to happen. Maybe once I get past this newborn stage.

    I have two bikes that I think are quite stylish - unfortunately this rider wasn't!

  3. Well, you both are still doing better than me. I sold my bike when Lucy was about 1 as I hadn't ridden it for quite some time and didn't fancy taking Lucy on it around out streets with Auckland's aggressive drivers.

    Funnily enough the lady who bought it had two little girls and she wanted to take them riding with her in one of those attachable child's seats. She is braver than I, I guess.

  4. Hey, thanks for the link! What a happy find on such a beautiful blog.

    My bikes' names are not so original, either: Oma and Betty Foy are the model names that the makers gave them. The names fit so I kept them, as I did with my shelter kitty Chloe. :)

  5. I realised that Oma was the make after writing my post - duh! I'm obviously so not in the know.

    On the topic of animal names, I read somewhere that spiritually it is better to give them a proper name rather than, say, Whiskers or Ginger. Though the love given to them is far more important of course.

    Chloe sounds so cute without having even seen her. It must be because you called her 'kitty' rather than 'cat' :)


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