8 June 2009

Winter Walk

'Dad' and I have turns at sleep-ins. He works a roster so he often has late night/through the night flights and I, well, I always have through the night feeds. I think the only downside of breastfeeding is that miniature tummies need filling sooner than they would if on formula. So it was Brendan's turn for a sleep-in yesterday. Lucy was repeatedly flinging herself into her beanbag from the couch and Audrey was getting near sleeptime, so we decided on an early morning walk. Audrey gets the buggy complete with a thousand rugs (slight exaggeration but not by much if you ask any friend of mine, as I'm a serial over-dresser), and for Lucy to allow this to happen (as it is her buggy and she is simply lending it to Audrey) she is allowed to ride her pink plastic trike. These things cost like $30 but seem to go on forever and are the best for scooting around on wooden floors and, of course, hitting the pavement. A little noisy and rackety but lots of fun and that's what counts.

A fun thing to do with young children is to ask them where you're to go next. What started as a walk down the road and back turned into 'a fluffy', 'see the trains', and 'see the basin'. So we stopped off at a local cafe and had a fluffy and flat white and a yo-yo, one of those dreadfully sugary biscuits. Audrey had sweet fresh air. Poor girl.

And it's amazing how many dogs and their owners are out early. We have a cat, and our cat sleeps almost 24/7 and doesn't venture past the feijoa tree out front.

The crisp air was cleansing, the views were uplifting, and the colours were vivid. A beautiful walk. Lucy's Dad had a great sleep-in too.


  1. oh so beautiful... i miss nz so much... kind regards

  2. beautiful..my daughter has that bike as well. we bought her an actual trike w/training wheels for her 3rd birthday. watch out when they graduate to this! daredevil girls...gorgeous place you live.

  3. I've been reading your blog for ages and I never realized how beautiful where you live is! Gorgeous pictures. Much different from East Tennessee, USA. More pictures, please!

  4. yes! it looks so beautiful! I need to start a nz trip savings.I have to see it myself someday. they look so sweet!


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