14 June 2009


Audrey is as warm as now. I love sewing with merino, or rather I just love merino. There are so many different types though. We have a lot here in NZ (go figure with all our sheep) but a lot is superfine, sheer almost, and not quite up to Winter gear. I did find this merino knit, pretty much jersey weight, recently and am tempted to go back and buy the rest of it (if only my purse were to agree). Audrey is a happy camper though as she has (yet again) new pants and mitts.

The mitts idea came about after a friend took her baby (Audrey's age) for a walk in a front pack, facing forward with his hands out. By the time they had reached their destination his poor tiny hands were ice cold. Lucky Audrey has benefited from his trial and error, and is now prepared for any future front-facing walks. Her cold-handed friend has a pair too. I couldn't let the poor boy freeze any longer.


  1. so sweet! I miss the tiny mitts! now my gal is one (and it won't be cold here for a while) so her mitts won't be so small...

  2. Audrey is so pretty! Her big blue eyes seem to be saying "thank you, mommy!" Lucky baby to have a mommy who can whip up mitts and pants for her! :)

  3. oh my, beautiful audrey! we're in the midst of summer, here, but i look forward to winter walks. i'll have to manage something like the lovely merino duet.

  4. Pretty girl, pretty mittens!
    Maybe you know the string trick? Take babies cross back and arm measurements. Add them up (x2 arms) and cut a piece of wool that length. Sew one end to one glove, the other end to the other. Pop string across back and down arms when dressing bebe`. Put jacket or jumper over the top. Mittens should dangle out from jacket sleeved at hand height. Those pretty mittens will never get lost! xxx
    PS Great for Lucy too.

  5. I love merino too! It is amazing how it keeps babes warm or cool depending on the weather. I have used merino sleeping bags for Asher since she was 3 months and they have been wonderful.....hardly need washing either!! Audrey will be snug as a bug in her new gear.

  6. oh i love audrey's new pants! and leon has a pair of wool mitts from makie that are very similar. they were too big last winter, but maybe in october?

  7. Audrey has the most beautiful face and your creations, as always are great. Chloe is still wearing her Frenchy pants and they still look great, we just don't fold the cuffs up now that she's taller. They would have to be the most long lasting garment I've bought her!

    Do you happen to know if any of your lovely NZ suppliers sell merino fabric online? My fabric shopping situation here is pretty woeful.

    Also (just to try and give you the longest comment in history), I've been meaning to pop in and thank you for the lovely comment about being a mum second time round. It really helps to hear and see on your blog that you were getting out and about and sewing again pretty early on. I didn't sew when I has Chloe (was on a knitting binge then) and I think, like you, it will really help me to have a little something to remember myself by if that makes sense.

    I don't comment much (bit of a lurker) but do love to keep in touch with what you're up to.

  8. That closeup with her mitts is just beautiful.
    Lisa & Alfie

  9. so beautiful and soft i want to put them on! catherine, are you going to make some women's sweaters out of that fine wool you have over there? i would buy one once i catch up on finances here. i'd love to see what you make.

  10. Hi, all sorry for my slow response (not sure if any of you will even see this now). Things just get lost if I don't get on to them straight away.

    I have been wearing a cashmere top (from a wool/cashmere blend) the past month to see how it goes and I have to say I've ended up wearing it every second or third day. So I may grade the pattern for the full size range and offer them in the shop. I would also love to make some adult knit pants like Audrey's. It's a bit chilly here now so the perfect time to test them out.

    Also, Audrey is blushing, thanks for the sweet comments. xx


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