23 June 2009

a simple life

Polite requests simply do not work anymore. Gentle coercion doesn't seem to work either. I've even started offering bribes in the form of chocolate Freddo Frogs and homemade iceblocks, but alas even they don't always cut it. The photos for the Carnaby shirt weren't the finest but what could I do with a kid who insisted on bouncing non-stop on the sofa, and failing that running at breakneck speed around the house yelling 'no photos please!' (she has a polite resistance). Could CYFs take me in for harrassing my own child with a camera? Some days I just want to have a really big lie down. Not go near the sewing machine, and try my best to be the domestic goddess I know is hiding somewhere within. To lead a lovely, simple life.

I was baking the other day (super muffins) and homemade pizza (including the dough, right on!), and as I baked away, pinny-clad, I also had playing a CD compilation called Blue Skies. All the oldies were coming out of the Bose (Audrey loves Charles Trenet's 'Boum!') but in a crackly grammophone way and I couldn't help but temporarily be whisked back to the 50's. It felt kinda nice. Really nice actually. But somehow each day winds up being what it is; a bit mad, a bit rushed, never enough hours, cuddling, reprimanding, a spot of sewing, bathing tiny bodies, not getting through my to-do list, eating the same things and wiping numerous possets off my once-clean tops. I think I need to introduce a little meditation into my day.


  1. Oh how I laughed at your blog tonight...i think you were describing my day (minus the talented sewing! and with a little work thrown in for good measure!) I too love to take photos and sometimes feel I am turning into the paparazzi...will my child take out a restraining order against me when she is old enough?
    Modern mothers do try to fit a lot into their days and it is so lovely to stop and enjoy the stillness.

  2. Thought I'd check in on you and your lovely girls, so happy to see their lovely smiling faces. Love reading all your updates, hope you get to find that little bit of peace you're after. xx

  3. you've turned into the paparazzi! sometimes i wish i could just turn leon on mute for 30 minutes. we're working on naps, but they're touch and go.

    it's hectic now, i can't wait to see how things will be when he's zooming about like lucy!

  4. the carnaby top is great, especially with that blond hair. she is such a doll. it's funny, i know exactly what you mean about the toddler "foto shoot". when they start holding there hand up it's pretty much over. i'm so glad to hear someone else is using chocolates as a bribe. my daughter WANTS to do a foto shoot if i agree to put mommy's makeup on her. sigh. dresses are great too! and those boots are kick @$$.

  5. ah yes, sounds like my day too, the crazyness bit, not the 1950s bit. Never enough ticked off the list, always too much chasing kids around and cleaning mess off the floor.
    It's funny you know, when I try and chill a bit and forget about the to-do list I often get more acheived - a good reminder for today - Chill hanna!

  6. Haha! Well you could possibly rename the shop "Audrey's Place" though I'm afraid you would just have to rename it again in a few years once her toddler antics kick in and plus then you'd have to have another child to name it after OR you could hope Lucy falls asleep wearing the clothes and take photos while she's sleeping ;). I know first hand how hard being toddler paparazzi is. Katherine pretty much just runs at this point.

    Well just be happy you weren't in a crowded DRESSING room with Lucy yesterday and she says in a loud disgusted sounding voice, "Mom, why are you POOPING in here?!..MOM! You shouldn't be pooping in here..this is not a bathroom!" I have no idea how a 3year old comes up with such a joke to pull on her mother. I really had no idea my 3 year old would intentionally embarrass me..I was totally shocked / embarrassed and later couldn't stop laughing about her scheme. I can't imagine what the other women must have thought.

    Well, I hope you are all doing well. We've been dealing with Katherine's broken ankle this week after she decided to see if she could fly and took a flying leap off the couch on to wood floors.
    I hope you can get in a little meditation or sleep!
    Take Care,

  7. The last person who commmented here made me laugh with the pooping in the change room story! Kids are so smart aren't they!!

    Anyway, it is getting very tricky to take pics of Oli too, he pretty much shouts "NOT!NOT!" and tries to take off whatever new special thing I have slaved away to make for him, then if he agrees to wear it he runs and runs, and if he stops he just looks at the floor and all you can see is his forehead. My Mother-in-law tells me he has a big forehead. Thanks.

    Anyway, the top looks gorgeous (jumping toddler aside!) Well done .

  8. I can't believe I am admitting this (I'll blame your story, Tera!)- Lucy and I were at a shop today and I spontaneously fluffed and thought no-one noticed (or would notice seeing as the shop was empty). That is until Lucy piped up 'fart!' and made screwed-up nose sniffing faces.

    Every day I am learning of something new I cannot do or say for fear of getting busted or mimicked.


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