5 June 2009

Scout Jeans

Long ago I ran out of the stretch denim material the Frenchy pants were sewn from. Lucy is almost out of her last pair, and I was starting to get worried. Plus people were asking for replacement pairs. I have been scouring suppliers for new stock, but to no avail.

The new Scout Jeans are sewn from the loveliest Turkish denim in a great blue. The cut is very similar to the Frenchy pants but with a few differences such as the back panel for extra ease and detailing. Lucy wore the first pair today, visiting Butterfly Creek, home to (obviously) butterflies, and a myriad of delightful farm animals.

On the topic of denim and children, I'll never forget the sight, at our local library, of a 4/6m old baby chugging down a huge bottle of milk wearing standard jeans (with zips, domes, rivets, you name it) and a belt. A belt! I was thinking 'how?'. Five minutes later I saw him throw the whole lot up.

The jeans I have Lucy wearing (Frenchys and Scouts) have minimal seams and are made from the best denim I can find. This new Turkish denim is pretty amazing. But then I could wax lyrical about fabric all day, every day.


  1. mmm, that elastic waistband looks so comfy, i wish i had a pair!

    i also can't understand why people would dress their children in constricting clothing. poor baby!

  2. I think these are cute.

    To Erica: I hate gigantar clothes on children, to me, all that extra fabric looks restrictive, like wearing a long skirt w/ stockings so that it gets all tangled around your legs. Plus, my skinny little boy looks all rock star in his skinny jeans. Such sturdy, healthy, active bodies look great in well fitted clothes.

  3. those are the cutest things i have ever seen. i love them so much. and with the chucks? heavens.

  4. I agree! I feel the same about putting those elastic headbands on baby girls with no hair, or pulling a tiny tuft of hair into a little bunch on the top of her head... those things can wait till the poor things grow some hair, surely!

  5. I totally agree, Cherry! It kind of makes a mockery of them, don't you think?


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