1 June 2009

my weekend

I sewed a denim version of the puffball dress (for A of Italy).

I made this for me. Drafting it Saturday off and on, sewing it Sunday. I tell you, when I want something done I am very determined. I think my parents will vouch for that. Do you like my backdrop of Lucy's room? Nah, it's really mine...

And we all went to The Domain

As we were driving out I couldn't help but notice this wedding photography in progress. I only wish I had the nerve to get out of the car to get a proper shot (as opposed to Brendan's arm filling up half the shot as I clambered over). The intense yellow of the tree above and the leaves below against the bride's white dress/colouring was amazing. Oh my, the most perfect light, and all natural.


  1. Looks like you all had an amazing weekend. The girls are so beautiful and they are getting so big! Love, love , love the dress!

  2. love, love that bubble dress.

    Those yellow leaves are amazing.

  3. Becky - such a better name for the dress!

    Hi YM!

  4. I may be several days late, but that denim puffball is too cute! In 500 million years when I get to the time in my life of having kids, I will be ordering that!!


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