16 June 2009

happy birthday audrey

Her four month birthday, that is! We celebrated her birthday in weeks until she was about 3 months I guess, and now she has monthly birthdays. Imagine if adults did this, imagine the gifts!

I can't believe how fast it's gone. If feels like it was just yesterday I was heading off to the hospital, wondering what the heck my second experience would be like (great) after my 'interesting' first (intervention city).

Today I saw a friend with her three week old, and Audrey looked like a giant(ess) next to him. And he was a reasonably big baby apparently. This baby still had that fetal position thing going on, looking so helpless and cute. Audrey looks quite robust now, though still a little wobbly. Lucy in comparison appears enormous. I make every effort to go on outings with her alone. I swear she is over me saying 'don't hit Audrey', 'don't poke her eyes like that', 'don't hit her tummy like a drum', 'don't feed her your crackers'. Nag nag nag!

Before Audrey was born I wondered if I would ever get any time to myself again. But so long as I don't expect too much, some days work out quite nicely. The girls are happy when they are up, and sleep when they need too. And on the days that aren't so predictable (read: ritsy-central), I have learned (a little later than I would have liked) that I just have to drop everything else and be the mama that I signed up for. Oh, and lots of Rescue Remedy.

Growth-wise, Audrey is now over 7kg and around 63 cm long. Thank heck I sew, otherwise I'd be spending a fortune buying clothes the next size up. Lucy wore 0-3m bodysuits for about, ooh, six months? Really. I recall she was around 8kg at 1 yr. Audrey is looking to be around 8 kg at 5 months, maybe even more. They're so different in that respect. Though it seems those early measurements don't mean so much - Lucy started out in the bottom 5th percentile and is now in the top 90th percentile (meaning 90% of children her age are smaller/shorter). Even a kindy/preschool teacher remarked that she had the stature of a 3.5+ yr old. I think I can safely say both girls will shadow their mama in their teenage years. 'Teenage years', the thought is surreal. Wow, I'm really a parent, like my mama.

Happy birthday baby.


  1. awww Catherine,she is getting SO big:0)
    Only seven more weeks for us.arrghh I am seriously outnumbered!!!

  2. she looks so happy always and her smile always reads "i looove you". my kids are both sure to be bigger than me, probably by the time they're 13!


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