6 June 2009

at Butterfly Creek


  1. i spend so much time looking at babies, i forget how tiny lucy is, too! she looks like such an adorable little scamp in her jeans and jacket.

    leon is also sticking out his tongue more often. audrey has such a beautiful face, i love her pouty lips and great big eyes!

  2. such a sweet & special post! i absolutely love the images you captured of your little girls...they are such little dollies! cute & cute indeed!
    have a happy weekend

  3. Lucy and Audrey are both growing up so quickly... where oh here is the time going? Such beautiful photo's... Small Child is sat beside me as she likes to check in with Lucy every now and again, and is most confused by Audrey! She asks if thats Lucy when she was a baby!

  4. that last picture of Lucy with the rabit is just the sweetest thing.


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