28 November 2008


I had looked at getting these a few years ago, but lack of stockists here must have made me forget about them. I finally got a pair yesterday, and so love them. I've always liked Converse (I have photos of me wearing them in my early teens some, ahem, 2o years ago) and didn't think I could find better until getting a pair of Bensimons. They already look worn-in, in a perfectly acceptable kind of way, and the colours are muted in a dusty kind of way. I really do want a pair in every colour.

I got these

And now I want these

21 November 2008

Christmas Lights of London

London blog Wee Birdy took a camera to the streets of Central London and Marylebyone last night in search of festive lights. The one above, taken at St Christopher's Place, has to be my favourite.

13 November 2008

Pintuck Shirt

Lucy has another little special on - for a short while the Pintuck Long Shirt is $150.

Summer Shade

I've never wanted a hat more than now, and this is one I saw and loved in a tatty library edition of Marie Claire (May 08). It's a Christine Bec wool felt hat, probably not the most appropriate choice for Summer, but the shape and depth is what I like, especially seeing as we have one of the worst rates of skin cancer in the world. Our ozone is harsh; you can get a tan in less than ten minutes. And that's not a good thing.

If I did want to buy this one it'd set me back £200. Gasp! There must be a high street version somewhere. Whenever I'm searching for anything, it's usually the time required to look that makes me give up in the end. Thank goodness for online shopping.

7 November 2008

Glerup Temptation

I have been meaning to buy a pair of these all Winter and still haven't gotten around to it. I keep thinking Summer must be around the corner..except when we have a despicably chilly day like today. I'm still so tempted...these little Danish numbers are by Glerup; felted wool boots and shoes (for kids too).

6 November 2008

Eric and Cath

Lucy bought her 2009 calendar yesterday, a little earlier than usual for her but we both couldn't resist it when we saw it in the window of Time Out Mt Eden. Not only is it cute without being overly childish, it also has 5 columns so each family member has a space for their own appointments. Genius. The three of us have battled with our conventional calendar this year, trying to squeeze often three notes in those tiny 1.5 inch squares. It also comes with stickers emblazoned with 'birthday', 'dentist', 'special day', and so on. Plus the obligatory Eric Carle stickers of birds, icecreams and cute little animals. Quite chuffed!

Another stationery type item which I have been loving (dear sister gifted it to me on my birthday back in Jan) is this Cath Kidston Mix and Match Stationery. I like all things mismatched (tea cups and saucers included) so have loved having the freedom to mix printed paper with printed envelopes, and even little stickers to pop on the back to seal them.

2 November 2008

Duck for Cover!

Since it's really un-PC to keep your child chained to a sewing machine, Lucy and I ventured out today to one of Auckland's wonderful parks. We pinched bread from the kitchen, rugged up and set off to The Domain in search of the local birdlife.

Greedy Geese

Duck for Cover!
I'm Outta Here

We also visited the Domain's Winter Garden and Hothouse, two of my favourite places. It's as hot as Miami in there which was a nice respite from the cool park air.

1 November 2008

The Daunting Task of Choosing a Baby Name

If you've ever had the task of choosing a baby name, you'll know what a minefield it is. Everyone has an opinion, and after a short while you learn it's really best for your sanity not to share the names you have in mind with anyone other than close family (and even then...).

I remember a colleague asking what I had in store for Lucy before she was born, to which I replied 'Lucy'. He promptly pulled a face (hrumph!), however before becoming offended at his lack of subtlety I asked what he would name his child if he ever had one. 'Steve' he said matter of factly. Not that I have anything against the name Steve, but I could not for the life of me picture a cute little bundle called....Steve. We were obviously on different baby naming planets.

I casually uttered the name ' Audrey' a few months back to which I got texts within the day from relatives many miles away saying 'it's a pets name', and 'old lady name'. Right-o.

I really want a name like Lucy; short and sweet and a bit punchy. Can I get away with calling No 2 Lucy 2 or Lucy Deux?

I did stumble upon this site today which at a five minute glance looks quite promising. I'm really dragging the chain this time round; I've only got three months to go so I better get cracking.