31 October 2008

Last Peacoat

for the season (and the year)! Wow, where have the days and months gone?

Constructed from a super soft pink wool cashmere blend, and lined in a Liberty of London cotton print. In the shop now, limited to a few only.

29 October 2008

To Keep a Little Girl Warm

For 'P' of NY. On its way to you...

Lucy has been wearing her olive peacoat a lot lately. I thought Spring had arrived?!

25 October 2008

Carolyn Quartermaine

I was reading through an issue of Vogue Living (Australia) the other day and read of the artist Carolyn Quartermaine. I love that the colours on her printed fabrics are both vivid yet watery. One of my favourite flowers is the Californian poppy - delicate, papery petals yet a flower strong in colour - which I guess is why I took to Quartermaine's fabric range, particularly the Fat Scroll print, which is what the Louis XV-style chair is covered in. She works from her wonderful studio in France (top image) and also from London. Sigh...

In Hiding

The things I try to hide for photos...well, one thing really. I think I am actually sucking it in a bit here. Some days it feels positively huge, but second time round you pop out earlier I have read.

My current 'joy' of being pregnant is really awful nasal congestion. I can handle a lot of things, but not being able to breathe properly is something I find quite distressing. I watched a short documentary the other night on free diving. Now, that I could not handle. Even watching it made me feel uneasy. One guy, a kiwi, held is breath underwater for 7 minutes in a training pool, only surfacing from boredom. Oh. My.

23 October 2008

Pintuck Long Shirt

Another new addition to the shop. Very wearable day or night, and very comfortable - this is probably my favourite. Sewn from very fine, soft pure wool I plan on wearing this from now through to Fall and then layering it in Winter.

Loose, shapely cut with graduated, topstitched tucks down either side of the front, half-button placket, gathered sleeves with cuffs, back lined yoke...

It's rainy and windy here, not ideal for photos! The light is better outside, so I had to brave the elements...

The last photo is of a one-off pure wool check shirt in the same style, due in the shop very soon. Perfect for cool weather - it's extremely soft and very warm.

22 October 2008

Lucy digs Wovenplay

Okay, this is the swimsuit Lucy really, really wants. And maybe I do too?

You know, when Lucy goes to bed she says 'love you, dig you'. My modern child!

20 October 2008

Bathing Beauty

On a short break from sewing (my eyes are going squinty), I found this petit swimsuit which would look pretty super on Lucy this summer. I may try my hand at my own version, and perhaps tone down the bow. Very cute all the same though. Imagine slightly chubby, bandy toddler legs gallavanting about in it. This one's from Bean New York.

We're into Spring now so can't help thinking of lovely and light things to wear. All I read on other blogs is the beauty of Autumn/Fall, and how people just want to layer up and wear chic woolly, wintry things. Me? Tear it all off! Give me some light silks and cottons, and bare skin, and warm rays and wafty, puffy clouds...

16 October 2008

Simply Breakfast

I've always loved breakfast, and can't believe it when people say they actually skip it. If you are one of those who need inspiration, or just want to see how someone else's photo of their breakfast can make yours pale in comparison, pop over to Simply Breakfast. Visual treats of Jen's obsession; breakfast. Jen is actually a professional photographer which explains why she can make simple toast and empty cupcake wrappers look so darn appealing.

She has a book too.

7 October 2008

Time to Renovate

Not the house, but the knicker drawer.

I do most of my reading last thing in the evening (with my poor dear man hiding beneath the sheets from the bright reading light that burns forever on my side of the bed). Last night was time for the latest issue of Domino, and I have to say this time I could barely put it down. One article that inspired me was 'renovating the panty drawer'. Have you read it? At first I scoffed at the prissy display of rolled knickers tucked inside special partitions within the knicker drawer. Who has the time for this? But soon after I was drawn in and hooked. The author is the poor soul who has opened her knicker drawer to the knicker–organising queen (can you imagine?), which sounds mortifying at first but now I wouldn't mind her paying me a visit. She tells you what to spend your money on, bra—wise, and that you don’t need to spend a fortune on knickers. We can’t all go round with matching Agent Provocateur sets can we. Or do you? She also tells of her loathing of thongs/g-strings, saying there are perfectly good no-seam knickers around these days.

Such inspiration! I’m off to sort, toss and shop.

Some lovelies from Net-A-Porter

5 October 2008


I loved these when they first became public knowledge, but still I have yet to buy some (more like find some here). Adorable socks made in Japan. They look delicate without being prissy, and would look sweet in place of conventional socks and stockings.

2 October 2008


My adorable brother and sister

And Lucy playing in the cafe sandpit with a little girl called Indigo