30 September 2008

Pullover Smock Shirt

Another women's shirt in the shop today. It's proving impossible to take half-decent shots of me lately, with my ever-increasing waistline (huh, waistline?). That and the fact that every time the self timer light goes, Lucy rushes into the shot giggling hysterically. I try sucking in for the photos, but even that does no good now, plus I get a kick from within for my selfish efforts.

Everyday Shirt

Finally something not for the toddlers in our lives. I've just listed the silk wool blend everyday shirt in the shop.

The difficulty with simple looking garments is getting them to look shapely on. So I spent much time tweaking this pattern and making toiles.

I'm currently offering these in adult sizes 2-8. There'll also be a chambray version out soon, with a few differences.

28 September 2008

That darn cheeky bird again

Lucy can't resist helping when it comes time to replenish the aviary, even if that cheeky cockatiel insists on perching atop her head... Notice he is serenading her? He's in full whistle.

And this is Hobson's real girlfriend (of a good 6-7 years), Clencie. She is an astonishing 24 (human) years old. That fact that her head is practically bald makes her look positively antique, but I fear Hobson was the culprit here - his feverish preening of her resulted in him plucking feathers, and I think they just gave up growing. I adopted Clencie when she was around 12 years old. Up until then she lived in the smallest box imaginable with only one side open to the world. They called her Vanity as they found she just stared in the mirror all day. She has been living a fruitful life for the past 12 years, and hopefully she has a few more Christmas's in her. She's the dearest old bird. Hobson is around 8-10 yrs old by the way. Younger man, go Clencie!

P.S. Hobson is the bird behind the name Hobson Stretch Cord Slims

23 September 2008

Big Beds and Horizontal Stripes

Lucy's cot actually converts to a bed, so a couple of days ago I got tinkering (the sight of the cot on its side was quite upsetting to Lucy) simply removing the front sliding part to reveal, voila, her new bed. At least until her sister comes along....which will be around February next year. Yes, I'm pregnant and the scan yesterday confirmed we are having another Lucy. I could have sworn it was to be a boy, so was rather surprised. Obviously my motherly intuition needs refining! And who said horizontal stripes made you look bigger... hmm.

5 September 2008

The August Coat

When I started out making little clothes, I used to design new garments sporadically - after orders were out. When I went through a very busy patch though, time for new designs was non-existent. Now I allocate a certain amount of time per week to work on new things. I've been working on this new coat over the last little while. This will be in the shop in the near future, but seeing as this is vintage wool coating (unused) I'll only be able to make maybe one or two coats. This one is for Lucy, as with some of my designs I work on them as I go. This translates to sewing, unpicking, sewing a bit more, further unpicking, change of plans necessitating new pieces drawn and cut and sewn, and so on. It makes the final product, shall I say not up to Etsy scratch (in my opinion). Lucy doesn't mind though...
This coat is fully lined in blue and white stripe cotton, has a more androgynous collar than the other coats, and again small fold back sleeves revealing the stripe lining.