27 July 2008


There are some movies I am compelled to write about. I first watched Shopgirl a couple of years ago and adored it. I have just finished watching it again. Lucy went to sleep two hours ago plus it's cold, wet and windy so the perfect opportunity to watch a movie. It's as good the third time around.

And it's not a movie just for girls (I checked with Lucy's Dad), it's funny without the one-liners, is thought-provoking, and the cinematography is wonderful. Surprisingly too, after all the slapstick roles he has done, Steve Martin manages to be hot.

You know when you recommend a film to a friend, and they don't get it or don't really like it - do you ever secretly wonder then if you have anything in common, or start questioning the way they think? In saying that, I have a very close male friend who I simply will not watch a movie with. We squabble at the movie store, and get so restless and agitated watching each other's film. Funny huh.

Really, the last cream Peacoat available

I've said it before but this time I really mean it. The absolute last cream Winter Peacoat is in the shop which I can make it sizes 12m, 18m or 2T only. My supplier has completely sold out, such a pity. Though when one fabric door closes, another opens.

25 July 2008

Longchamp Pliage Bag

A collaboration between Longchamp and Jeremy Scott resulted in the remake of Longchamp's famous pliage bag. This is my favourite (and excuse the quality of the flogged shot from a magazine)..

I'm not addicted to bags like I am shoes (I have a few Diors and they keep me plenty happy), but I loved this when I saw it. It's not bling, and it's unique - but heck, that colour around a child?