7 November 2008

Glerup Temptation

I have been meaning to buy a pair of these all Winter and still haven't gotten around to it. I keep thinking Summer must be around the corner..except when we have a despicably chilly day like today. I'm still so tempted...these little Danish numbers are by Glerup; felted wool boots and shoes (for kids too).


  1. Hi! Just wondering what you wear slippers wise? If you don't wear glerups, what qualities are a must for a slipper / indoor shoe? : )

  2. Hi!

    Well funnily enough I just got my first pair a couple of months ago! I am a true size 37 and I ended up getting a size 37 despite being recommended to size down. Maybe if you were a half size I would go down otherwise just go with your regular shoe size.

    I had Emus there last two winters, which are super snug although heavier to wear, and they have a wider sole which means you walk a little wider than when wearing regular shoes.

    I'd recommend the glerups as they're light to wear, and you could wear them far longer than the Emus. Just layer them up with socks when it gets really cold.


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