6 November 2008

Eric and Cath

Lucy bought her 2009 calendar yesterday, a little earlier than usual for her but we both couldn't resist it when we saw it in the window of Time Out Mt Eden. Not only is it cute without being overly childish, it also has 5 columns so each family member has a space for their own appointments. Genius. The three of us have battled with our conventional calendar this year, trying to squeeze often three notes in those tiny 1.5 inch squares. It also comes with stickers emblazoned with 'birthday', 'dentist', 'special day', and so on. Plus the obligatory Eric Carle stickers of birds, icecreams and cute little animals. Quite chuffed!

Another stationery type item which I have been loving (dear sister gifted it to me on my birthday back in Jan) is this Cath Kidston Mix and Match Stationery. I like all things mismatched (tea cups and saucers included) so have loved having the freedom to mix printed paper with printed envelopes, and even little stickers to pop on the back to seal them.


  1. I have that stationery too, I love it! I also have a Lucy. :) My Lucy is 19 months, how old is yours?

  2. Hello and welcome! My Lucy was born in August, so she's now 'a bit over 2' (technically 26 months).

    I'm in the throws of choosing a name for number 2 and need a sequel to Lucy!


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