1 November 2008

The Daunting Task of Choosing a Baby Name

If you've ever had the task of choosing a baby name, you'll know what a minefield it is. Everyone has an opinion, and after a short while you learn it's really best for your sanity not to share the names you have in mind with anyone other than close family (and even then...).

I remember a colleague asking what I had in store for Lucy before she was born, to which I replied 'Lucy'. He promptly pulled a face (hrumph!), however before becoming offended at his lack of subtlety I asked what he would name his child if he ever had one. 'Steve' he said matter of factly. Not that I have anything against the name Steve, but I could not for the life of me picture a cute little bundle called....Steve. We were obviously on different baby naming planets.

I casually uttered the name ' Audrey' a few months back to which I got texts within the day from relatives many miles away saying 'it's a pets name', and 'old lady name'. Right-o.

I really want a name like Lucy; short and sweet and a bit punchy. Can I get away with calling No 2 Lucy 2 or Lucy Deux?

I did stumble upon this site today which at a five minute glance looks quite promising. I'm really dragging the chain this time round; I've only got three months to go so I better get cracking.


  1. I love Audrey! Old fashioned names are making a real come back these days. And anyway, you should stick with what you love and don't let anyone else sway you. My goddaughter was called Esta Lila(a modern Esther) but now it's been switched around to Lila Esta. For girlie names, how about Flora, Zoe, Lottie (Charlotte), or Patty? There are so many to choose from! No wonder you're feeling baffled! x

  2. Yes, naming babies is a daunting task! Its fun, though. I had twins, so had to come up with two names at once. Ugh! We finally decided to go with the names of relatives...Eleanor and Sunday. We have a few weird names in our family (my name is Arizona), so it can get interesting. Good luck. I can't wait to hear which name you choose!

  3. I don't agree with your lot about Audrey. I love it! Classic and beautiful. Don't throw it out just yet.

  4. Oh how I adore the name Audrey...it is in my top choices if ever i have a baby girl....
    i had never shared my, if i have a girl, secret name before and it was Ava Lauren (Lauren is my middle name) and my dear friend at nine months pregnant announces to me that if she has a girl she will name her....AVA LAUREN!! Ha! Within days she had a beautiful sweet baby girl, and you guessed it...her name is Ava Lauren. There is a wee risk if you don't share names too...almost like you should stake your claim...
    I also like Grace...or Gracie and I told a friend this who is having a baby in December and he said "well then everyone at school will just call her greasy gracie" What?! ha! whatever the name you choose, it will be perfect for your sweet baby!

  5. Oh gosh it is so hard to pick just one name....I sympathize with your dilemma! I remember the pressure of finding a name for my lovely Asher Grace...I too knew I was having a girl. In the end I was inspired by a brilliant Aussie actress, Asher Keddie and the eternally elegant Grace Kelly. I do think a child grows into a name and whichever you choose will suit her perfectly. My Asher was almost Lucy too, which drew me to your blog....a beautiful name.

  6. Lucy is a Lucy Grace! Simple classic names like Jane are appealing too. Greasy Gracie indeed. Kids, unfortunately, have the imagination to ruin any name though.

  7. Audrey is just darling and I have NEVER met a pet called Audrey!!
    On our list we have Alice,Freya,Lotta,and Tess,to name a few .
    Don't let peoples comment stop you from using such a sweet and classic name,

  8. I love Audrey too! How about Kate, Kitty, Willa, Beatrix, India, Eliza, Jane, Piper, Sylvie, Noa, Molly, Bettina, or May?

    Good luck to you!

  9. OH GOODNESS! choosing a name is one of the hardest parts of bringing a child into this world, for sure.
    But then having to agree on a name with the signifigent other....
    Our first child was adopted and the birth mom had asked that we use the name she had chosen. So when we gave birth to our second child we kinda wished at the time that he just came with a name like his brother. But we chose a name and I can not imagine him with any other.
    This is so exciting for you good luck! I am sure what ever name you choose it will be just right.

  10. I have a names list as long as my arm, shame we are stopping at two! You should of seen the look of horror on my Mother in laws face when we told her we had chosen Sadie for a name!

    I'm going to give two of my names...



  11. Hi there, This is the first time I have even looked at your blog, but wanted to let you know of a website I used with my second baby (who I named Jemima, 2 hours before she was born!).


    I agree with the "keep it to yourself" principle- I was almost named Jemima, but people turned my mum off with "ew Jemima puddleduck". Obviously I love the name and so it was finally used in the family.

    Now I'm off to check out your creations. They look lovely.

  12. I have a sweet cousin named Audrey, so I have a wonderful attachment to that name--I love it. We have a girls' name picked out (both names are actually on this post!) but if it's a boy we're stumped. Our son wants to name the baby Rosie.

  13. I love Audrey and would never name a pet by that name. My friend Leigh over at Found, Now Home just had a baby that she named Lois. It's funny how when the name is established, it just suits the baby when she comes out. Go with your heart.
    Lisa & Alfie

  14. i'm trying my best not to 'workshop' names for fear of criticism, but it's hard to operate in a bubble.

    lucy is a very sweet name, and i've no doubt you'll be able to come up with something equally fitting for this little one, too.

  15. Audrey was on our short list as were Aubrey and Lucy. You can guess what name came out on top :) Our firstborn is named Maryn. Unusual and unique without being too "out there" (that's what we think, anyway). Our relatives were not too fond of it at first, but once she arrived the name suited her perfectly. And our Lucy is a Lucy through and through.

    As another poster said, when you see your sweet one I'm sure you'll feel at peace with whatever name you end up choosing for her. Congrats!

  16. I love Audrey, its lovely. I also like Edie, Olive or Clementine. Although Clementine isnt a good name to yell...maybe its too long?

    My daughters are Sadie & Lola. Short and punchy I like.

  17. A post close to many hearts! We've obviously all had similar trials and tribulations associated with assigning someone a name for life. When I put it like that...

    Lucy is Lucy Grace, and we got a birth annoucement message the other day saying this couple friend had named their twin girls Lucy and Grace!

    The name Gia is my current flavour of the day. Lucy's Dad is not sold on it unfortunately. I'll have to work on it.

    As for sharing, once we had decided on Lucy nothing was to sway us, so it'll be the same this time. And I tend to agree with Katrina's 'staking the claim' comment. Possibly quite necessary!

  18. You can't imagine the comments I got when I announced that my baby was going to be called "Agata"!!!
    My mother said "poor baby"...
    Actually my secret desire was to name her "Agata Zoe", but I didn't dare to propose it to my husband...

  19. oh, audrey is just lovely.

    i was tossing "alice" around for a bit, and then someone said "oh, so-and-so just named their child alice!" someone i don't know except by their cocaine-use reputation. how is that helpful?

    poor alice. maybe we'll go with "simone alice."

    i think you are right on--no outside mentions until the baby is born...

  20. Jennifer, that made me laugh. Exactly, how helpful...

    As I mentioned before I really like the name Gia right now; unfortunately its legacy is the 70s-80s model Gia Carangi.

  21. catherine, don't feel so bad, True was named 15 minutes before we left the hospital and Brave was named 4 days after we left the hospital, but even with how different their names are, i love i!!! so i understand your dilemma. i love lucy's name! i am sure you will pick another lovely one... Gia is cute and so is audrey!

    Here are some cute short, sassy names that i liked before we got Brave and True:


    Maybe these will help or maybe not, but whatever you pick will be perfect!!!

  22. Lily would be cute but then again when you are yelling at them it could quickly get confusing...
    LUCY...LILY...LUILY!!!! LOL! I'm sorry...just cracking myself up over here!
    Whatever name you choose will be perfect.

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  24. I thought the same about Lola when it entered my mind for about 5 minutes...Lucy Lola Lula Lolucy...argh!

  25. RUBY! i love the name roxy as well


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