28 November 2008


I had looked at getting these a few years ago, but lack of stockists here must have made me forget about them. I finally got a pair yesterday, and so love them. I've always liked Converse (I have photos of me wearing them in my early teens some, ahem, 2o years ago) and didn't think I could find better until getting a pair of Bensimons. They already look worn-in, in a perfectly acceptable kind of way, and the colours are muted in a dusty kind of way. I really do want a pair in every colour.

I got these

And now I want these


  1. Oooh I like the Bensimon shoes. I have a pair of their dusty blue sneakers. They are soooo comfy. Their clothes are gorgeous too.

  2. i love these! i used to wear converses when i was little, but haven't really found anything to replace them except for TOMS (which aren't as comfortable).

    will have to look around for these!

  3. oh i love these too....

  4. i've been wanting these for the longest time!

    where did you get them?

  5. Angela - are you in NZ (or Auckland)? I got mine from Adorno in Ponsonby. They have such great clothes there, but I have to say the service by the owner was unpalatable! I still couldn't bear to leave these behind though... I am determined to find another stockist. There are so many colours available on the Bensimon website, but we seem to get so few coming into NZ, such a pity.

  6. And Erica, these really are comfortable (more than converse in my opinion). I wore them to walk to the park in, no problem. And I am a convert to the slip-on style - a godsend when pregnant! I liked the relaxed look of these, versus the laceup.

  7. I am loving these shoes a lot. I am all for a slip on and need something comfy. I'm going to search for a stockist in Oz right now. (By the way loooove the strutter pants. so cool.)


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