7 October 2008

Time to Renovate

Not the house, but the knicker drawer.

I do most of my reading last thing in the evening (with my poor dear man hiding beneath the sheets from the bright reading light that burns forever on my side of the bed). Last night was time for the latest issue of Domino, and I have to say this time I could barely put it down. One article that inspired me was 'renovating the panty drawer'. Have you read it? At first I scoffed at the prissy display of rolled knickers tucked inside special partitions within the knicker drawer. Who has the time for this? But soon after I was drawn in and hooked. The author is the poor soul who has opened her knicker drawer to the knicker–organising queen (can you imagine?), which sounds mortifying at first but now I wouldn't mind her paying me a visit. She tells you what to spend your money on, bra—wise, and that you don’t need to spend a fortune on knickers. We can’t all go round with matching Agent Provocateur sets can we. Or do you? She also tells of her loathing of thongs/g-strings, saying there are perfectly good no-seam knickers around these days.

Such inspiration! I’m off to sort, toss and shop.

Some lovelies from Net-A-Porter


  1. Gorgeous knickers, love the frilly bra. Have you had a look at my Birdy Pick of the Week? xx

  2. That's funny -- I tossed half my drawer after reading that article. I haven't gone shopping yet though. That's more expensive than tossing!

  3. how pretty! I love net a porter I just wrote a post about the site last week.


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