23 October 2008

Pintuck Long Shirt

Another new addition to the shop. Very wearable day or night, and very comfortable - this is probably my favourite. Sewn from very fine, soft pure wool I plan on wearing this from now through to Fall and then layering it in Winter.

Loose, shapely cut with graduated, topstitched tucks down either side of the front, half-button placket, gathered sleeves with cuffs, back lined yoke...

It's rainy and windy here, not ideal for photos! The light is better outside, so I had to brave the elements...

The last photo is of a one-off pure wool check shirt in the same style, due in the shop very soon. Perfect for cool weather - it's extremely soft and very warm.


  1. ok, i'm obsessed with this top now. sometimes people get really hysterical about procuring an item i've made, and i've never really understood it. until i saw this shirt. now i myself am hysterical about NEEDING to have it. : ) i'm going to try to ask for it for christmas.

  2. Okay, coming from you that's the utmost flattery. Truly.

    I can totally understand how people fall for your clothes, big time. I still dream of the Kate top and Alison skirt. Alas, our hours are all back to front (nZ vs US), so I never got to your shop in time!


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