25 October 2008

In Hiding

The things I try to hide for photos...well, one thing really. I think I am actually sucking it in a bit here. Some days it feels positively huge, but second time round you pop out earlier I have read.

My current 'joy' of being pregnant is really awful nasal congestion. I can handle a lot of things, but not being able to breathe properly is something I find quite distressing. I watched a short documentary the other night on free diving. Now, that I could not handle. Even watching it made me feel uneasy. One guy, a kiwi, held is breath underwater for 7 minutes in a training pool, only surfacing from boredom. Oh. My.


  1. I know how you feel! I am 8 months prego and have a sinus infection. Now THAT is misery. I'm glad that at least I have someone with whom to commiserate...hang in there!

    Kimmie in Texas

  2. Ugh! There must be a reason for it, some deficiency perhaps, who knows. Either way, I am forming a close (albeit conservative) relationship with Otrivine!

  3. I had the same problem with both my pregnancies & it drove me mad!

    I am kind of glad to hear that I'm not the only one!

  4. Ouch! Sinus pain is really awful. As a long term sufferer of sinus pain I can highly recommend coffee as a quick fix (if you are ok with drinking coffee). It somehow opens up the nasal passages (don't ask me how?) and makes breathing much easier. An espresso a day keeps my sinus pain away! Good luck....

  5. I'll drink to that, Krissie! I've not given up my daily soy flat white; it's one of my few drinkable pleasures during pregnancy. Now I'll feel even better about the fact that it could be termed 'medicinal'.

  6. it's the same way with me. some days i feel like there's hardly anything there, and other days, well...i definitely feel more pregnant. by the evening, i do feel huge without fail.

    if i didn't have a cup of tea every day (caffeinated, thank you very much), i would be a zombie. i have no problem with a little sip of wine or beer once in awhile, either. just a taste is enough to keep me sane.

    i have yet to be congested, but that's one of my phobias. probably explains why i'm a terrible swimmer even though i grew up ten minutes from the beach.


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