25 October 2008

Carolyn Quartermaine

I was reading through an issue of Vogue Living (Australia) the other day and read of the artist Carolyn Quartermaine. I love that the colours on her printed fabrics are both vivid yet watery. One of my favourite flowers is the Californian poppy - delicate, papery petals yet a flower strong in colour - which I guess is why I took to Quartermaine's fabric range, particularly the Fat Scroll print, which is what the Louis XV-style chair is covered in. She works from her wonderful studio in France (top image) and also from London. Sigh...


  1. I want a studio in France too! Love the fabrics.

    Just realised I don't think I congratulated you, so Congrats! I bet Lucy is excited.

  2. Bliss! Now that looks like somewhere I could relax! I am chilled from just looking at the picture of the bed. (Is this what having kids does to you? - I actually dream about sleep-full nights now!)

  3. everything looks amazing against the white backdrop. i want that duvet cover/bed spread! just the perfect shade of blue during these gloomy fall days.


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