20 October 2008

Bathing Beauty

On a short break from sewing (my eyes are going squinty), I found this petit swimsuit which would look pretty super on Lucy this summer. I may try my hand at my own version, and perhaps tone down the bow. Very cute all the same though. Imagine slightly chubby, bandy toddler legs gallavanting about in it. This one's from Bean New York.

We're into Spring now so can't help thinking of lovely and light things to wear. All I read on other blogs is the beauty of Autumn/Fall, and how people just want to layer up and wear chic woolly, wintry things. Me? Tear it all off! Give me some light silks and cottons, and bare skin, and warm rays and wafty, puffy clouds...


  1. It's lovely thinking of summer to look forward to...love the wee swimsuit, very cute. xx

  2. i think it is so interesting how different it is there where you are! i was so close once as we honeymooned in fiji. though that seems eons ago now with two little ones. i loved fiji and met a lot of australians and new zealanders there!

  3. i didn't realize you're due right before me (22 weeks)! if you've figured out a solution to the maternity pants crisis of 2008, i would love to get in on it.

    i've decided not to buy maternity jeans, but the bella band isn't as wonderful as i had hoped. so now i'm wearing leggings and tights, but the waist isn't very comfortable. nor is my single pair of maternity tights. full-panel, half-panel, both are less than ideal.

    your tops are perfect for spring and early fall, but now i'm starting to worry about the freezing winter months leading up to february...any tips?

  4. How funny! I will be 24 weeks in a couple of days, due 12 Feb 09.

    I survived my entire first pregnancy in a handful of garments from Egg, a child and maternity brand here in NZ. A stretchy wrap dress (could be worn after too, bonus) some high-banded black pants (I live in these daily now, sigh) and a couple of other stretch knit dresses. I was working for someone then though and seeing doctors for a living, so needed to be more presentable. I can't stand maternity hosiery - have yet to find a comfortable pair! These pants I wear daily, and which are so comfortable, have a very high soft stretch waistband which can double over when you aren't so big. And in Winter, it's even better as they can cover the whole bump. Don't go for the tucked in look though ;)

    I do have a couple of new tops due for completion soon. One is in a wool check, the other a wool/cashmere blend, and a third (not warm enough for Winter though) is a very fine italian wool - every so slightly sheer. I'll see how they look on me with my expanding waistline! Hope you're feeling well.

  5. ooh, i love Egg! i didn't realize it's based out of NZ, or that it included maternity wear. i have a pair of foldover waist yoga pants from american apparel that i change into as soon as i return from school. maternity hosiery is a joke, but so necessary during the winters.

    can't wait to see your new wool tops! i know photos can be deceptive (i always look smaller than i feel), but it seems like our body types are very similar. if it looks good on you, i'm guessing it'll work fine on me.

  6. Ohh, we have a different 'Egg' here. I remembered there is Egg by Susan Lazar also. I wonder which came first (the chicken or the egg...)...couldn't resist that pun.

    Yoga pants sound the ticket too. I might have to get some. I, too, cannot justify maternity jeans when I have four months to go. I didn't get any with my first pregnancy, and I don't know yet if we'll go for a third child.

    P.S. I think you are the best dressed mama-to-be around.


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