3 August 2015

sorry heart

They fought likes cats and dogs yesterday (which is practically true seeing as Lucy yearns to be a dog and Audrey a cat).  I expressed my disappointment and received this heart a while later.  She must have assumed I hadn't read it then as she presented it to me again today with an edit.  I keep every little scrap like this.  I mean, who else would do this for you?

new order

Listening to this album is like going home again.  I was fifteen when Substance was released though I likely listened to it some time after.  New Order is still as good today as it was then. And a little easier on the ears now than The Clash.

30 July 2015

stripe t dress + grey tee

Top: Red stripe tshirt dress - mid thigh length, semi-fitted through shoulders and chest, thick stable stripe knit (the holy grail, so hard to find!).  Also available in grey on grey stripe.

Above: Fitted grey long sleeve top - a cotton grey tee, yes.  But what the internet is incapable of doing is allowing you to touch this divinely soft and fluid combed cotton is (I have actually been wearing mine to bed as pj top, it's that comfortable).

Both available shortly.