4 April 2015

Chickens on beaches

Hands down, the cutest thing I saw in Hawaii last trip.  Proud mum with seven chicks.  They garnered quite a few onlookers as they strolled amongst the sunbathers!

2 April 2015


..summer is on its way!  Lately I've been busy working on UV rash shirts for the little bods and some womenswear pieces too.  I'm due to grade several patterns (little sigh), which I hope to tackle any moment.  Although in contrast to the approaching warmer US weather there will also be women's merino pocket sweatpants available soon.  My husband and I have actually been wearing them the past year (there's a  black merino pair, small, ready to go).  I've been wearing my own black pair which, after much wear and machine washing, absolutely refuse to look anything less than new.  This is when you kick yourself for not getting more of the fabric.  And I have a pair in grey, the same as the kids bunny grey leggings, which are so thick and soft and behave much the same as the black (but I am so low in that fabric to make womens' versions).  I think the merino sweatpant look works for when guests show up spontaneously, unlike merino leggings.  Especially on a guy.  In slippers.

24 March 2015

a denim story

I picked up a copy of a denim story holidaying in Hawaii the other weekend (I love that I can say that after more than six years home bound!).  I don't tend to cruise and peruse book stores here so much as dash in and buy what I planned to get, but when on holiday I find whiling away an hour or two in a bookstore like a jumbo-sized Barnes and Noble very therapeutic, like a literary form of meditation.

I only realised when I returned home that it's written by the Current/Elliot denim designers.  A score whichever way I look at it.