22 November 2014

The posh pineapple lump

My diet is gluten free (I've been diagnosed with CD), vegetarian leaning towards vegan, with the added hurdle of choosing to eliminate nightshades.  I know, whoa!  I get pretty excited about GF recipes that actually work (and there is a wealth of great websites now) but also about finding an old favourite that is safe for me to eat.  Well, fellow GF-ers, let me introduce you to Queen Anne chocolates, made in Christchurch, New Zealand.   Gluten free with natural flavourings and colours, and some flavours are gelatine-free, which is great for vegetarians.  A lot of the mainstream filled chocolate brands use artificial flavours, colours, wheat and gelatine (what a medley!) so my sweet treat choices have been pretty limited.

I bought the Butterscotch Nougat, Mint Nougat and Pineapple Nougat boxes.  The butterscotch is rich, buttery with good caramel chewiness, covered in a dark chocolate. The Pineapple Nougat is the bomb, like a glorified version of the humble pineapple lump - no gluten, no gelatine.  This is exciting stuff!

What I'm still on the search for are gelatine free marshmallows free of artificial colours.  Big ask? If anyone knows, please do share.

19 November 2014

red white grey

Sent off to a lovely customer today. I love her choice of colours!

15 November 2014

tory burch: in color

Gosh I'm loving Tory Burch's new book In Color.  Beautiful photos of her collections, her inspirations, personal accounts, artworks (by artists who I just happen to love too).  I wholeheartedly recommend this!